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THRESHOLD FRINGE ACTS CALLED IN FOR QUESTIONING …………………Threshold Festival 8th-10th March

13 Mar


Yes my good people, the Threshold Festival was back once again like a Renegade Master (minus the ill behavior) and was  parading itself in full effect like a new brides hairdo. But what is a beautiful new hairdo without its fringe  to compliment the full look  because this year you all got spoilt rotten . Pan AM, Baby Blue, Maritime Museum , Siren@54st.james st and the Lomax  played host to an army of performers so eager to perpatrate we had to put out an A.P.B.

    I had to haul a few in for questioning and luckily for you they’ve all been released without charge.Now I’m no Columbo but I still managed to make them sing like a Canary when the heat was on and they were more than willing to slip a few secrets out.
fringe (2) The Perps  

SHEBEAT www.Shebeat.co.uk ( Maritime Museum Sat 9th 12.30. and 3.30pm)

EUPHONY3 facebook.com/Euphony3 ( PanAm Sun 10th 2.40pm)

The Kipple www.facebook.com/TheKipple (The Lomax Sun 10th  7pm)

ALEXANDRA JAYNE www.facebook.com/alexandrajaynemusic( Maritime Museum Sun10th 1.30pm)

DOMINIC DUNN https://soundcloud.com/#dominic-dunn( Vinea Sun 10th 12pm)

The Questions

1.Punchline of your favorite joke?

SHEBEAT       –       because 7 8 9

EUPHONY3    –       A flat minor

THE KIPPLE   –        So he gave her one
ALEXANDRA –        Mascarpone (mask-a-pony) !!! (cheesy I know!!)

DOMINIC       –        Your Nan 

2.Have you ever swore in front of your parents?

 SHEBEAT  –   I am very sweary, can’t remember the first time… I do try not to in front of Ma & Pa but they’re ok about it and hopefully not too disappointed

EUPHONY3 –  Yes and I got told off for it! I was probably about 14

THE KIPPLEUnfortunately yes i have …. and occasionaly at them which is shockingly grim as me mum is and me dad was totally boss

ALEXANDRA –  I swore in front of my mum when i was around about seven years old and she genuinely attempted to wash my mouth out with soap – for anyone who thinks that’s an urban myth then think again!! I haven’t messed with my mum  since!

 DOMINIC I have but I don’t make a habit of it 🙂 My mum said I used to fall asleep putting two fingers up to everyone when I was a couple of months old!

3.Favorite Birthday present?

SHEBEAT –    Day trip to Dublin for my 19th.Can’t remember much you understand.

EUPHONY3Definitely my keyboard! But Michael MacIntyre tickets close second

THE KIPPLE –  My VW camper Van  that i never did up or got running, but i loved it:o)

ALEXANDRA –  I love live music, and last year a few of my mates bought me some gig tickets – but they all happened to fall one day after the next, so I saw Mumford and Sons one night, The Black Keys the next and Florence and the Machine the day after … and the day after that I had a piece of coursework in!! So a lot of pressure to get my work done but definitely worth it!
DOMINIC A 12 string guitar

4 What would you be a Gold Medalist in ?

SHEBEATHotpants haha

EUPHONY3Solo synchronised swimming

THE KIPPLEI’d be an ace third choice goalie for dutch ladies hockey team

ALEXANDRA I realise this makes me sound about 90 years old but I reckon i’d have a fair shot at winning gold in Olympic crib.

DOMINICQuoting anchorman

Interview suspended.For now but if you see them anywhere be sure to let everyone know………..