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6 Jul

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This weekend heralds the start of a great Liverpool musical comeback.Whats that you ask? Flock of Seagulls? Atomic Kitten? Our Kid? No you crazy fools!  TICKLE THE IVORIES  is back and I needn’t  spin the sequel by claiming its bigger, bolder,  with more stunts and car chases and all that malarkey because it really doesn’t need it.

With five pianos dotted around the L1 shopping district , dozens of different pianists and entertainers will be the star of this years summer blockbuster and for anyone who missed it last year then you really will be in for a treat. The Acts vary from Choirs, duets, quartets, classical, cabaret, singers songwriters and your lowly busker types like myself who were lucky enough to take part in last years event and are equally honoured to take part  this year.

The real beauty of this initiative, which is the brainchild of the hardworking…

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LIVERPOOL ACTORS STUDIO 36 Seel Street my second bite of the cherry

4 Jul

On Saturday just passed I made what I would consider to be  a schoolboy error in Cultural Champion terms.I walked straight past the event I was looking so forward to attending.It was a comedy  at the LIVERPOOL ACTORS STUDIO in Seel Street  called “JUSTINE AND TONY” from two very comically gifted actors Catherine Rice and Barrie Ryan English.A bittersweet comedy highlighting the trials and tribulations of the cabaret world between a performing married couple.The tagline reads “One Van One Mullet One Gob.

This faux pas seems all the more regrettable knowing that my reply to an invitation from Catherine( who is also the executive director of the Liverpool Actors Studio) was “I’m in there like swimwear.” The swimwear on this occasion it seems was an unflattering and very snug Borat styled mankini.I could only console myself with the knowledge that I’d at least seen the research in some of Catherines comedic and musical back catalogue notably JOKA and UTOPIA both of which hit the mark on all counts although I still needed to atone for my absence .

Like most people my age “If I knew back then………..” becomes a frequent platitude BUT if I’d have known back then on the 30th June that the entrance to THE LIVERPOOL ACTORS STUDIO waImages at CAFE 36 on Seel street (yeah alright I know it seems obvious now) then I’d have seen the show before English Rice Productions take it to Edinburgh.Anyway, as I said before I felt the need to make amends and I’m also keen to get my bum on an Actors Studio seat so this Thursday I’m going to walk up Seel Street, stop at CAFE 36,enter and watch the production of DESPERATE SCOUSEWIVES the play penned  by Lynne Fitzgerald and Clare Bowles,starring Lynne Fitzgerald,Clare Bowles,Phillipa Goodwin and Bernie Foley .

I think my little Saturday night Mr Magoo episode reinforces an important point which is the intention of all us Cultural Champions and that is to find these hidden gems and become a part of  all they offer and simply spread the word. As an 80 seat Theatre the Liverpool Actors Studio answers our city’s  artistic need  to promote  up and coming writers and performers , providing an intimate audience experience and without trying to sound romantic here, an “I was there” afterthought which is always a seductive draw.I’m looking forward to this coming Thursday but I think it’s best this time if I leave the mankini  at home.


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